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We have a new home!

April 2, 2013

Hurrah!  We moved over to self-hosted a few months ago, and completely forgot to update this site.  Apparently giving birth, nursing babies, holidays, and general crazyness will do that to you.

The bad news is our subscribers couldn’t be transferred over, so to keep getting new posts delivered to your inbox you’ll have to subscribe again here: Domestique Manager’s New blog!

I’ve started doing book reviews , I wrote about Botox, Hemorrhoids, & Tequila, and how I trained my husband to wash toilets 🙂

As you can see I’ve been busy!  Please join me on this awesome ride I’m on!



A Parent’s 4-letter word

January 3, 2013


4-letter word used by parents to describe screaming banshees babies. How does one lose weight post-partum? “Bounce-2-3-4, Bounce-2-3-4”; Repeat. Often. Endlessly. For hours on end.

Join me nightly from midnight to 4 am as we embark on our daily colicky sessions. Who’s with me?


Chloe, our beautiful baby girl 🙂

Date Night: The Truth about Parenthood

November 7, 2012

beauty and the beast with jasmine purse  2Date night sure ain’t what it used to be!  Even with careful planning, it’s all in the execution.   You see – once you have kids, don’t believe it until you see it.

Dear & I planned a great evening out at the NAC – box tickets to Beauty & The Beast on Broadway, sitter for the kids, the whole shebang.  We both love musicals and the last one we’d seen together we were in high school.  Little did I know my hot date would be spent with my 6 year old.


Funny you should ask!  Most recently my ex and his wife suffered a terrible loss and my daughter was pretty upset over what happened.  We decided to give J-F’s ticket to Jasmine as a special ‘mommy-daughter-date-night’ surprise.

That’s right folks!  My hot date was with my 6 year old.

Don’t get me wrong – we had a great time!  The NAC is a wonderful place for date nights and mommy-daughter events alike.  They have a fantastic array of options from the ballet and classic theater (French and English) to variety events and children’s productions.  There were many little girls dressed up as Belle (pregnancy-brain: I never even thought of that!) and we bought souvenirs.  The best part?  We had a terrific view from our box seats and we managed to stay comfortable for the whole production.

So date night isn’t quite what it used to be, but whether with my spouse or my kids, the NAC is a great option.  You should check it out!

beauty and the beast with jasmine

The Big Bang: A New Theory

October 26, 2012

the big bang theory

Ladies, I have a secret to share with you. Gentlemen – cover your ears, you don’t want to hear this (just trust me on this one!)

Flawed Predictions

There’s an asteroid approaching earth and its closer than you may think.  It’s floating about 3 feet above ground level and its impending impact is causing distress amongst those closest to its center.

Ever wonder what caused the Big Bang?  I can tell you:  God was 20 months hugely uncomfortably pregnant with a bowling ball in Her arse and an arse in Her ribcage when an innocent toot sent asteroids exploding into the atmosphere.  The lethal mix of gas and matter is why we’re all here today.

Allow me to burst your bubble

See – it doesn’t matter whether you escaped the doughnut pillow in your first pregnancy, or even your second.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve had 2 c-sections.  And it really (REALLY) doesn’t matter that you’re ingesting so much fiber you can keep a village regular.  When that baby drops on your poor, weak pelvic floor all it takes is one lethal toot, an uncomfortable waddle to the water cooler, or any other seemingly innocuous action to make you feel like you’ve discovered the secrets of the Universe a.k.a the (shhhh…..) hemorrhoid!

Bottom line

Don’t get too comfortable… Remember the Ice Age?  That was Hell freezing over.

Normally my posts include real pictures  but when I used the editor to remove the red-eye all the files disappeared.

Now stop laughing before you piss your pants – we both know those kegels won’t help you here (and if you don’t know that yet… you’re about to find out!)

Jasmine’s Goodbye Letter To Her Sister Elly

October 13, 2012

Jasmine & EllyElly….

Je vais vraiment te manqué.

Maintenant tu es dans mon cœur et je t’aime beaucoup.

Elly, Je sais que tu va me manquer – et je vais te manquer aussi.  Ceci est ma chance de te dire que je t’aime.

Dear Elly,

I know you miss me and I miss you too, but I can see you in my heart because you will be in my heart forever.

Elly, I miss you and today I’m going to tell you that when I think of you I know you’ll be in my heart.

Elly, you’re my little sister and I really love you.

Every time I’m going to come see you I will write you a letter and bring it to you.

Whenever I look at your stone I’ll know you’re there and see you.

Elly, I am very sad because now I can’t give you hugs.

Goodbye and I love you,

Jasmine xox

Jasmine and her 2 sisters

In loving memory of Ellyson Ryleigh Bruyea, August 17th 2011 ~ October 2nd 2012

Thoughts and prayers go out to Jasmine’s Daddy & Mimi; may they find peace in their hearts in these difficult moments.

Editor’s Note:  These words are 100% those of my beautiful, brave, and strong 6 year old daughter Jasmine; I was simply transcribing her words as she dictated her letter to me.  On October 13th 2012 Jasmine read this letter at Elly’s Memorial Service in front of 100+ people.  I am incredibly proud of her.  Words of kindness and love can be left for Elly’s parents on a dedicated Facebook Page “Heaven Has Another Angel”.

50 Shades of Grey – Real Intimacy

October 1, 2012

Let’s talk about S – E – X.  ‘Cause I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child and to my husband’s chagrin have no desire to partake in the kind of nooky that got us here.

Ultrasound Picture of Baby-Girl at 28w4d

Funny – being so busy with kids, family, business… I sometimes almost forget that I’m pregnant.  Not that one can forget an expanding arse, a giant pumpkin-sized tummy or the oh-so-wonderful pelvic pressure of a baby who’s decided to ‘drop’ early.  Rather, it’s almost as if at times this pregnancy has gone uncelebrated, or unnoticed.

I go about my day huffing and puffing like the swollen whale I feel like I’ve become and then it happens.  Our baby girl decides she’s no longer comfortable and starts to wiggle around, kicking & poking my insides.  An old 80’s song comes on the radio and suddenly she goes nuts!  The sugar rush we share when ‘we’ get a craving for a piece of chocolate.  Or those few quiet moments during the ultrasound where she turns around and I could have sworn she just waved at me, or puckered her lips up for a kiss.

Now that’s real intimacy.  Never mind the shenanigans that got me here in the first place.  And this being my 3rd pregnancy, I wonder if I’ll ever have this feeling again.  And that makes me kind of sad.

Meanwhile I enjoy these quiet intimate moments with my wee-one and look forward meeting her pretty little self.

*** The above picture is of our 28W4D ultrasound – this really is our little baby-girl’s foot!

I spent the night with Gordon Ramsay. Not what you think!

August 27, 2012

Chef RamsayPregnancy dreams.  Like ’em?  Love ’em?  Leave ’em?  I’ve heard of women getting incredibly sexy dreams.  Not me.  Nope.  I usually get nightmares.

Except last night.  Nope.  Last night was spent with Gordon Ramsay.  You’re probably thinking ‘ooohh – she finally got one of those sexy dreams’!  I wish (keep dreaming!).  At least it wasn’t a nightmare.

It was weird though.  Really weird.  I was working his personal assistant, and instead of bitching me out when I made mistakes, he smiled and flirted #weird. 

He flew me out to England on his personal jet (he even flew!) and I ended up assisting him in a kitchen.  He chauffeured me around Paris and then had me measure his apartment for new counters and a new washroom.  Except by then…. he looked like my step-dad.  What?

Yup.  All in all, a very weird dream.  Nothing sexy, no nightmares…. just…. weird.

So, I spent the night with Gordon Ramsay.  Who were you with last night?

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